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The idea behind Legal Heat began when two brothers, Phil & Jason Nelsen both attorneys, took a concealed carry class from a local firearms instructor.


To the Nelsen brother’s dismay, they realized that while the instructor who was teaching them was familiar with firearms, he had no idea what the actual laws were regarding possessing and using firearms.  Worse, that instructor was unknowingly conveying bad information that could have resulted in felony firearms violations had the brothers followed the advice. Realizing that understanding and obeying the 20,000 gun laws governing concealed carry would be a greater challenge to most individuals, than learning the basic principle of firearms safety and handling, they decided to do something to help people understand the laws related to concealed carry.


The brothers, who were life long firearms enthusiasts decided to combine their legal educations and passion for firearms, and developed a unique course of study that focused not only on firearms but also on understanding and complying with the 20,000 plus firearms laws in the United States.


Holding their first class with a small group at their kitchen table the Nelsen brothers began their new careers as firearms instructors.  Before long the classes grew and were held in living rooms, then basements, then a local retailer, then another.   Soon they were traveling across the state and then the country to teach those classes. Now, Legal Heat, the company founded by those two brothers at a kitchen table, has multiple instructors teaching classes all across the country in 17 different states partnering with the finest retail brands in the sporting goods industry.  We believe Legal Heat qualifies more individuals for concealed carry permits than any other firearms training firm in the country.


In addition to firearms training, Legal Heat also publishes the industry leading 50 State Guide to Firearm Laws and Regulations in book, app and online formats.


At Legal Heat, we are proud of our great team of instructors, the work we do, the students we teach, and the terrific retailers who have partnered with us. We believe helping law abiding citizens exercise their constitutional second amendment rights is a noble endeavor, and that by training our fellow citizens to lawfully exercise those rights we are part of something bigger than ourselves.


Stay Legal. Stay Safe. ™


Legal Heat

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