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Class Overview

Quick Overview

This highly rated, fun, informative LADIES' 37+ state concealed carry class with a LIVE FIRE SESSION and gun law seminar qualifies you to obtain CCW permits from Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Arizona. This CCW permit class is held in conjunction with our partner store Cabela's, Lone Tree, CO.

Concealed Carry Class at Cabela's in Lone Tree, CO

Legal Heat’s 37+ State Concealed Carry Course

CCW Course Overview:

Legal Heat’s concealed carry permit class meets the qualifying requirements and documentation to obtain the Utah CCW and Arizona CCW permits, as well as many additional home state CCW permits. These concealed carry permits will allow combined carry in approximately 37+ states.

Legal Heat’s concealed carry permit class covers firearms safety, firearms handling, firearms transportation, firearms storage, ammunition, self-defense and firearms laws, concealed carry techniques and much more. Legal Heat’s firearm training instructors are all NRA certified instructors and Utah BCI certified instructors, insured and among the most highly experienced in the industry and can answer your CCW questions.

This course typically runs approximately 4 hours. This Legal Heat course does not have a “test” or a range requirement. The Utah (UT) and Arizona (AZ) multi-state CCW permit course is open to residents of any state. You do NOT have to reside in the states of Utah or Arizona to qualify to apply for these multi-state permits.

This course is geared towards women who want to obtain their CCW permits AND have an additional live fire range session. 

The range session is designed to allow participants to try out several different types of handguns in various calibers under close supervision in a friendly, non-intimidating environment. Handgun rental, ammunition and the range fee for this 1-hour range session is included in the course fee.

This hands on range experience is especially helpful for those who are new to firearms, or just getting back into them after a long hiatus and deciding which caliber is best for you.

Learn the basics of safe operation of semi automatic pistols and revolvers. 

This course typically runs approximately 4-hours plus the 1-hour introduction range session. The CCW qualification does not have a “test” or a range proficiency requirement (the range session is optional to qualify for CO, UT and AZ permits).

Pay $99 NOW online or $110 at the door

What permits does this class qualify me to obtain:

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Utah

Store Location:

10670 Cabela Drive
Lone Tree, CO 80124

Class Location:

Range Location:

The instructor will provide range information and directions the day of the class.

What should I bring with me to the OUTDOOR RANGE?

The range experience is designed to allow participants to try out several different types of handguns in various calibers under close supervision in a friendly, non-intimidating environment. Handgun rental, ammunition and the range fee for this 1-hour is included in the course fee.

You do not need to bring a handgun or ammunition, but if you would like to you are certainly welcome.

An UNLOADED, CASED fully functioning pistol. Revolver or semiautomatic. No antiques.
A gun case.
Gun must be empty and cased while bringing it into the range.
Guns and ammo must be securely locked in your trunk during classroom portion.
50 rounds of ammunition.
No steel cased, armor piercing or tracer ammo permitted.
Hearing and eye protection.
This is an outdoor range.
Please wear comfortable (range of motion), weather-appropriate clothes.
No V-necks or low-cut shirts.
Wear flat-soled shoes, with good traction and support that completely enclose your foot.
No flip-flops, sandals or open footwear.
Snacks & drinks are permitted but will not be allowed at the firing line.
This is an excellent class to attend with family or friends.

Carry Map:

Class Fees:

Class fee is non-refundable and does not include application fees for individual state permits.  Individual state permit fees are paid directly to the individual state at the time the application is submitted.  Non-discounted tickets purchased at the regular online pre-purchase rate may be changed once within a calendar year of purchase for free, and then for a $25.00 change fee for each additional change. Tickets purchased at promotional pricing will be changed the $25.00 change fee for each class change.

Permit Fees & Application Process:

Legal Heat does NOT process permit applications, the issuing government processes the applications. Utah’s initial application fees are as follows: (resident $57.00)(non-resident $67.00) for the first five years and $15.00 to renew.   Arizona’s initial application fee is $60.00 for the first five years and $43.00 to renew. Both Utah and Arizona applications can be applied for by mail.

A non-resident Florida permit has term of 7 years and fees include a) Fingerprint Processing Fee $42.00, b) Initial License Fee of $60.00 and c) a Convenience Fee of $22.00 for a total of $124.00 for initial permits and $114.00 for renewals.

Home state permits are generally issued by the local county sheriffs or in some cases circuit courts; fees vary between counties but can range from $20.00 to $100.00.  Our instructor will cover the application process for each permit in class.

Finger Printing:

Finger printing services are available during most classes for a minimal additional fee of $10 per card. Utah requires ONE fingerprint card and Arizona requires TWO fingerprint cards when applying for your concealed carry permits. When applying for your home state permit, your local issuing agency my want to finger print you. Your instructor will provide details during class.

Age Requirement:

In most states you must be 21 years of age to apply for your concealed carry permit, however, there are a few states where you can be 18 and apply for a regular or provisional CCW permit including Montana (MT), South Dakota (SD), Utah (UT), and West Virginia (WV). If you are 20 years of age, (or 18 in MT, SD, UT & WV) you may take this course but cannot apply for your permits/submit your applications until you are 21 years of age (or 18 in MT, SD, UT & WV). The qualification you receive from the course expires ONE year from the date you take the course for most state permits. Please allow adequate time for your application to be processed prior to your paperwork expiring.

What should I bring with me to CLASS?

Students MUST bring the following items to the class with them:

  1. Your valid photo ID.
  2. Your printed email ticket confirmation.
  3. Pen and paper if you’d like to take notes.



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