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This highly rated, fun, informative 37+ state concealed carry class and gun law seminar qualifies you to obtain LTC permits from Texas and Arizona. This LTC permit class is held in conjunction with our partner store, Cabela's in El Paso, TX.

License to Carry Class at Cabela's in El Paso, TX

Legal Heat’s 37+ State Concealed Carry Course

TEXAS LTC CONCEALED CARRY CLASS:  Cabela’s has partnered with Legal Heat, the Nation’s Leading Firearms Training Firm to provide concealed carry classes to meet the qualifying requirements to obtain the Texas License To Carry permit (LTC).

This one fun and informative class will also qualify those seeking to carry in more states to obtain the popular Arizona multi-state permit, allowing you to carry in over 37 different states (including Texas).

Legal Heat’s concealed carry class covers firearms safety, handling, transportation, storage, ammunition, self-defense, firearms laws, concealed carry techniques and much more. Legal Heat’s firearm training instructors are all NRA certified and our Texas instructors are all licensed by the State of Texas, insured and among the most highly experienced in the industry. They can, and will, answer any questions you may have.

This course typically runs approximately 6.5 hours, which includes a required range-shooting portion.  The Arizona permits are open to residents of any state and can be applied for by mail. You do NOT have to reside in the state of TX or AZ to qualify to apply for their LTC or concealed carry permits.

The Texas LTC permit requires applicants to pass both a written exam and a practical range marksmanship competency demonstration.  Our instructors and class curriculum are geared to help you meet these Texas state requirements.

Please note: Non Texas residents may apply for Texas LTC permits.

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What permits does this class qualify me to obtain:

  • Arizona
  • Texas

Store Location:

6450 I-10 Desert Blvd
El Paso, TX 79912

Class Location:

Range Location:

El Paso Gun Club
9498 Pipeline Road
El Paso, TX

Carry Map:

Class Fees:

Class fee is non-refundable and does not include application fees for individual state permits.  Individual state permit fees are paid directly to the individual state at the time the application is submitted.  Non-discounted tickets purchased at the regular online pre-purchase rate may be changed once within a calendar year of purchase for free, and then for a $25.00 change fee for each additional change. Tickets purchased at promotional pricing will be changed the $25.00 change fee for each class change.

Permit Fees & Application Process:

Legal Heat does NOT process permit applications, the issuing government processes the applications. Utah’s initial application fees are as follows: (resident $57.00)(non-resident $67.00) for the first five years and $15.00 to renew.   Arizona’s initial application fee is $60.00 for the first five years and $43.00 to renew. Both Utah and Arizona applications can be applied for by mail.

A non-resident Florida permit has term of 7 years and fees include a) Fingerprint Processing Fee $42.00, b) Initial License Fee of $60.00 and c) a Convenience Fee of $22.00 for a total of $124.00 for initial permits and $114.00 for renewals.

Home state permits are generally issued by the local county sheriffs or in some cases circuit courts; fees vary between counties but can range from $20.00 to $100.00.  Our instructor will cover the application process for each permit in class.

Finger Printing:

Finger printing services are available during most classes for a minimal additional fee of $10 per card. Utah requires ONE fingerprint card and Arizona requires TWO fingerprint cards when applying for your concealed carry permits. When applying for your home state permit, your local issuing agency my want to finger print you. Your instructor will provide details during class.

Age Requirement:

In most states you must be 21 years of age to apply for your concealed carry permit, however, there are a few states where you can be 18 and apply for a regular or provisional CCW permit including Montana (MT), South Dakota (SD), Utah (UT), and West Virginia (WV). If you are 20 years of age, (or 18 in MT, SD, UT & WV) you may take this course but cannot apply for your permits/submit your applications until you are 21 years of age (or 18 in MT, SD, UT & WV). The qualification you receive from the course expires ONE year from the date you take the course for most state permits. Please allow adequate time for your application to be processed prior to your paperwork expiring.

What should I bring with me to CLASS?

Students MUST bring the following items to the class with them:

  1. Your valid photo ID.
  2. Your printed email ticket confirmation.
  3. Pen and paper if you’d like to take notes.



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