1. What's required to obtain a Utah concealed firearm permit?

2. What's required to obtain an Arizona concealed firearm permit?

3. What do I need to know about the new Illinois permit?

4. What's included in Legal Heat classes?

5. What do I need to bring to the class with me?

6. How much do you charge for your classes?

7. What forms of payment do you accept?

8. What is your refund policy?

9. What other fees will I pay in addition to the cost of the class?

10. How long do your classes last?

11. Do class participants have to take a test or shoot a gun as part of the class?

12. Do I also need to obtain a permit from the state where I reside?

13. Does your class satisfy the training requirements for my resident state permit?

14. Why would non-Utah residents want a Utah concealed firearm permit in addition to their resident state permit?

15. Why would non-Arizona residents want an Arizona concealed firearm permit in addition to their resident state permit? 

16. How long do I have after the class to submit my application(s)?

17. If I have waited too long to submit my application(s), do I have to pay to retake the class?

18. If I lost my paperwork can you send me new copies?

19. How long will it take to get my permit after I apply?

20. Does Legal Heat issue my permits, or is that done by someone else?

21. Will I obtain my permits immediately after the class is over?

22. I have a DUI, OWI, MIP or other alcohol-related offense on my criminal record. Will this prohibit me from obtaining a permit?

23. I have one or more misdemeanor offenses on my criminal record. Will this prohibit me from obtaining a permit?

24. How long are the Utah and Arizona concealed firearm permits valid?

25. How long have you been in business?

26. What qualifications do your instructors possess?

27. What do I have to do to legally transport my firearm to another state in my car or on an airplane?

28. Are there certain places I am not allowed to take my firearm even after I get my permit?

29. Are there any pre-requisites to taking your class? Do I need to purchase a gun prior to taking the class?

30. Will you do private classes for groups?

31. Are you willing to do small private and solo classes for politicians, dignitaries, and celebrities?

32. If I have my DD-214 and/or prior firearm training- do I need to take your class?

33. I have already had my fingerprints taken and they are "in the system." Do I need to have them taken again to get my permit?

34. Do you provide fundraising opportunities for groups in conjunction with your classes?

35. How many people do you teach in an average year?

36. What do you cover in your classes?

37. Are you guys as awesome as people say you are?


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