Does your class satisfy the training requirements for my resident state permit?

Answer: In most cases, yes. In most (but not all) of the states we teach in, our class will satisfy the training prerequisites for your resident state permit (i.e. the permit issued by your home state).  PLEASE CHECK THE INDIVIDUAL CLASS LISTING TO SEE WHICH PERMITS THE CLASS COVERS.

All Legal Heat courses specifically meet the requirements for permits from Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia, Wyoming, Washington, Wisconsin, and others.

Some states require that: (1) "live fire shooting" be included in a class, and/or (2) that the class consist of a minimum number of hours, in order for it to satisfy their training prerequisites (i.e. Alaska, Ohio, Illinois,Florida, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, , etc…). Our classes last between 4 - 16 hours depending upon the permit(s) requirements and (unless specifically advertised for a specific state) often do not involve live fire shooting unless specifically advertised.

It is your responsibility to confirm the permit eligibility requirements of your home state prior to attending (or paying for) our class. Simply call your local permit issuing authority (or us) and ask what the training requirements for your home state include, and if our calss cover that permit.  We clearly list the permtis offered in each class on the class page.   We will NOT refund class fees for individuals who purchase classes for permits that are not offered in that class.  For example an individual from Nebraska who attends a class in Wyoming that does not offer the NE permit, woudl not be due a refund because the calss does not cover thier home state permit.

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