If I have lost my paperwork can you send me new copies?

Answer: No. Unless it is specificaly required by law, to protect the privacy of our students we do not maintain permanent records of those who have attended our courses. Thus, to protect the integrity of our training we cannot reissue paperwork. Please treat your paperwork like you would cash. Please DO NOT lose your paperwork.  Once you leave our class room it 100% your responsibility. Students who have lost their paperwork need to retake the class and pay the full fee.  We suggest making a photocopy, scanning and or photographing your original paperwork to keep for your records.

In cases where we are required by law to retain records (i.e. Texas), the cost to begin the process of investgation the re-issuance lost paper work is $50.00.  If we can reissue the paperwork we will, however the fee is is due in advance to start the process regardless of our ability to re-issue the paperwork.  The reason for this fee is because we do not maintian a centralized database of the class paperwork ever, and it requires significant effort on the part of both our back office and the indivudal intructor to validate an individual(s) attendance and completion of the course and to manually pull the information and recreate the certificate.

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