Why would non-Arizona residents want an Arizona concealed firearm permit in addition to their resident state permit?

Answer: The Arizona permit, like the Utah permit, is very widely recognized. The difference between the Utah permit and the Arizona permit is that the Arizona is recognized by nearly all of the same states as Utah, but is also recognized by Nevada and New Mexico. Unlike Utah, however, an Arizona permit is not recognized in Minnesota or Washington. Each Legal Heat class qualifies students to obtain either the Utah or Arizona permits, students can then choose which permits they would like to obtain. 

What are the key benefits of the Legal Heat Multi-State CCW Permit Strategy? 

The Legal Heat strategy behind holding multiple broad based CCW permits, including your home state, plus Utah (UT) & Arizona (AZ) permits has several dimensions:

1) Holding more permits broadens your carry map by adding unique states that are not covered under your other permits (Utah and AZ add several states that are not included in the other states reciprocity maps)

2) As state political administrations change so do gun laws and the enforcement of gun laws. Multiple permits reduce the possibility that you will lose carry privileges in a particular state due to poltical risk. If one of more of your permits loses reciprocity with that state. (States frequently add and drop other states permits from their CCW reciprocity maps – as an example VA has announced on 2/1/16 it would stop honoring 25 states permits from it reciprocity agreements, (that decison was later reversed several months later). By holding multiple permits that cover a particular state (say Ohio) you could still carry in Ohio under UT and AZ permits if OH ever reversed their recent decision to honor PA’s permit.) 

3 Multiple permits increases the number of contiguous states available to the permit holder to carry in so they may concealed carry through out most of the continental US without stopping, unloading, and securing guns for transport through states where they do not enjoy CCW reciprocity.

4) You maximize the benefit of your investment of time and money into your CCW training by getting the maximum number of permits available from one training session.

5) You increase your credibility during encounters with law enforcement regarding your concealed carry privileges. Presenting multiple valid CCW permits in encounters with law enforcement officer tends to smooth out those interactions, as they know you have been formally trained and also vetted by multiple state agencies. Having multiple permits to carry in particular state ensures that the officer knows you have standing to carry from multiple authorities.

6) You minimize your permit expiration risk. By holding multiple permits you can shield yourself from having your “single” permit expire and still carry legally under your other permits should you make a human mistake and forget to renew your permit(s) timely. This is also called “oops” insurance.

7) Overall benefits of holding both the UT and AZ permits. The Arizona and Utah permits are widely honored, have a relatively stable carry maps, and are relatively inexpensive to obtain and maintain. We believe this is very a strong, broad and relatively economical combined permit strategy will work for most concealed carry permit holders.

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