Legal Heat as the nation's largest known provider of concealed firearm training offers you the opportunity to take classes from our industry leading instructors. Our team teaches fun, non-intimidating and engaging classes as you benefit from their excellent qualifications and legal, professional, and practical skills that enhance the class experience. 


Phil is an attorney licensed to practice law in Utah. In addition to handling guns all of his life, Phil is also an NRA certified instructor in multiple disciplines, certified armed security instructor, Illinois CCL instructor, Utah certified concealed firearm permit instructor, and the author of Legal Heat: 50 State Guide to Firearm Laws and Regulations. In the last 4 years Phil has instructed over 10,000 students in his concealed carry courses. While obtaining his undergraduate degree Phil worked as a professional hunting guide in Utah and Idaho, where he solo guided over 100 successful elk, deer, moose, and buffalo hunts. Phil graduated from the University of Idaho College of Law and worked as a prosecutor in Washington state before moving back home to Utah, where he helps run Nelsen Law Offices with his brother Jason.


Jason is an attorney licensed in Utah, Idaho and Nebraska. He is also an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer, Illinois CCL instructor and Certified Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Instructor who has certified tens of thousands of students to obtain their permits. Jason has handled firearms all his life. In his free time, you'll find Jason hiking, hunting, and cheering for BYU. He decided to become a Concealed Firearms Permit Instructor because he believes that his legal training and experience can provide his students with unique insight into the laws surrounding firearm ownership and use.


Brian is a US Navy Submarine Service veteran and former Navy electronics instructor. He holds NRA instructor certifications in pistol, personal protection inside the home and personal protection outside the home and is an NRA range safety officer, certified Illinois CCL instructor and a certified Utah concealed firearm permit instructor. In his spare time, Brian volunteers as a certified 4-H pistol instructor teaching the next generation of shooters the basics of firearm safety and marksmanship. When not teaching, Brian enjoys spending time with his wife Kim and his grandchildren.


Chip is a retired Marine Infantry Mustang (enlisted to officer), an NRA Certified Rifle and Pistol Instructor, and a Range Safety Officer, as well as a Certified Utah Concealed Carry Permit Instructor for Legal Heat. Growing up in the south, he says firearms were a normal part of life and he ensured his children were well versed in firearms safety.  He was a certified firearms instructor to support his sons’ time in Boy Scouts and Sea Scouts and continues to support Boy Scout shoots when he can. He is also a member of his church’s armed Campus Safety Team (CST). Chip was recalled to active duty for the first part of the war in 2003 and has worked for the Marine Corps for the past 15 years, managing the Marine Corps Information and personnel security programs. Previously certified as a member of the Arlington County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Chip is a big believer in self-reliance and emergency preparedness for everyone.


Cris is a United States Air Force veteran and comes to Legal Heat with over a decade of law enforcement experience.  Cris lives in Katy, TX, a suburb of Houston, and is a full time peace officer with a state law enforcement agency.  Cris currently serves as the regional training coordinator and has previously held assignments in patrol, community outreach, and investigations. Cris is an adjunct instructor at the University of Houston-Downtown Criminal Justice Training Center where he provides regular instruction to cadets enrolled in the basic peace officer certification course. As a Texas LTC instructor and TCOLE firearms instructor, Cris looks forward to connecting with law-abiding citizens in their journey to become educated and responsible license to carry holders.


After a 30-year career in the U.S. Navy, Curt found himself landlocked with time to reignite his passion for shooting sports. He holds NRA certifications in instructing Pistol and Personal Protection in the Home courses; is a UCI and Minnesota Permit to carry instructor; and directs education and training in basic rifle/pistol/marksmanship. He has taken part in revamping the NROTC rifle and pistol teams at the University of Minnesota, where he is a professor of Naval Science, teaching a senior level course on leadership and ethics. He has more than 15 years experience in public speaking on leadership and ethics to local, national and international audiences. He has co-chaired numerous planning meetings for U. S. Naval exercises in more than 10 Asian countries.


Darryl holds Instructor Certifications from the NRA in Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Refuse To Be A Victim, Personal Protection Inside The Home, Personal Protection Outside The Home and is a Certified Range Safety Officer. He also is Certified as a USCCA Instructor in Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals, Handgun Fundamentals and Women’s Defense & Handgun Fundamentals. Darryl is a veteran of many years of service as an NCO/Weapons Sgt/Weapons Instructor in the US Army. He currently is the Executive Officer for one of the oldest and largest Shooting Ranges in New Mexico. He serves on a local Sheriff’s Foundation Board and is actively involved in teaching civilian ladies in Firearms and Defense. He also spent many years as a Firefighter and Fire Service Officer, as well as having taught Emergency Medicine/BLS to law enforcement/fire/EMS personnel.


Dustin has been an avid firearm enthusiast and shooter since childhood. He is currently an NRA pistol instructor, an NRA rifle instructor, Illinois CCL instructor and a Utah concealed firearm instructor. He strongly believes in the right of the people to keep and bear arms and carries a firearm at all times and in all places, as allowed by law. He wants to help you become prepared to defend yourself and your family, should you ever need to. In his spare time, Dustin enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.


Earl is an NRA certified instructor for rifle, shotgun and pistol, along with being a certified Range Safety Officer. He also is certified as a shotgun instructor by the American Trapshooting Association, and by the United States Concealed Carry Association as a concealed carry instructor. The Utah Bureau of Investigation has certified him to teach the Utah Concealed Carry course.  Guns have been a part of Earl’s life since he was born. His first gun was a Springfield .22 rifle owned by Earl’s grandfather and modified for use by Earl’s father at the age of four. Earl owns that same Springfield and trained both his boys in gun safety and handling with it. Earl is retired from his 25-year career as an owner and business management consultant of a national healthcare consultancy that worked with medical schools across the country.


Jacqueline is an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, NRA Certified Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor, NRA Certified Refuse to be a Victim Instructor, NRA Certified Shotgun Instructor, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and an NRA National Membership Recruiter. Jacqueline is ACT 235 Lethal Weapons Certified through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. She is a Defensive Handgun Instructor, Concealed Carry Instructor, Tactical Shotgun Instructor, Certified Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Instructor, Certified Glock Armorer and Certified Rape Awareness and Prevention Educator. Jacqueline is also a SABRE Certified OC Instructor. Jacqueline is an active member of the Firearm Owners Against Crime (FOAC), the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA), the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF), the United State Practical Shooting Association (USPSA), the National Sport Shooting Foundation (NSSF) and she serves as the Executive Director of the American Women’s Self Defense Association (AWSDA). Additionally, Jacqueline serves on the Board of Directors at Pitcairn Monroeville Sportsmen’s Club (PMSC), and she is the secretary for the Butler Country Friends of NRA (FNRA). Jacqueline is passionate about the second amendment and about a women’s right to defend herself. Jacqueline became a firearm instructor to address the growing need for relevant lethal, less-lethal and non-lethal personal protection education and training for women. Since then she has expanded her sphere of influence to provide a variety of quality training programs for both men and women alike.

Jeff P

Jeff grew up small game hunting and target shooting in Ohio. He promotes safe firearm handling and shooting as an NRA certified Basic Pistol Instructor for Legal Heat and also as an NRA certified Range Safety Officer at the Chino Valley Shooting Facility. Jeff also has firearms experience with the manufacture and sale of firearms both retail and at auction.

Jeff T

Jeff is a prosecuting attorney licensed to practice law in Idaho and currently resides in Idaho Falls.  In addition to handling guns most of his life, Jeff is a Certified NRA Instructor, a Utah certified concealed firearms permit instructor, and is fully qualified to teach the Enhanced Idaho Concealed Weapons PermitAs a prosecuting attorney, Jeff has prosecuted numerous cases involving the misuse of firearms and teaches his students how to avoid potential criminal prosecution while exercising their 2nd Amendment rights.  While in law school at the University of Idaho College of Law, Jeff was selected as an Honors Intern with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) in Whidbey Island, WA and worked alongside special agents in conducting criminal investigations involving sexual assault, fraud, narcotics, and sabotage of government property. Jeff also assisted local law enforcement in undercover narcotics operations and property crimes including the widely publicized Colton Harris Moore (AKA “Barefoot Bandit”) investigation.  When not in the courtroom or teaching concealed firearms classes, Jeff enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife and three boys as well as playing his guitars.


John has taught firearms use for more than 25 years, including as an NRA basic pistol instructor and personal protection in the home instructor. Before joining Legal Heat, he was a CCW instructor for seven states. John is a veteran of the United States Coast Guard and spent more than 20 years in law enforcement where he was an instructor in defensive tactics, patrol tactics, along with being a SWAT operator and trainer to name a few of his specialties. John also is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys deer hunting, fishing and jet skiing.


Larry has extensive experience as a firearms and tactical training instructor, and has trained hundreds of security personnel. As a certified Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Instructor, he currently shares his security experience with frontline law enforcement personnel. He joins Legal Heat following a 27-year career as a Special Agent with the FBI. In that position, he was on the frontlines of the agency’s mission to provide security in critical situations, including as a member of its elite SWAT team and Hostage Rescue Team, where he flew as a tactical helicopter instructor pilot. He has also served in a supervisory position for a Protective Security Detail for a high-level government official whose travels spanned over 40 countries to include two combat theaters. Larry is also a former U.S. Army officer, and later used this experience when he volunteered to embed as a tactical FBI agent with the Army’s Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force operating in the Kandahar Province of Afghanistan. 


Lisa is an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, NRA Certified Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor, an NRA Range Safety Officer, Utah BCI certified, Minnesota Certified and she’s an amateur USPSA competition shooter. Lisa enjoys increasing her firearm skills and experience with hundreds of hours of advanced tactical and force on force training. She is an active participant and past board member of her city’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and is certified in CPR and First Aid. Lisa has proudly raised two children both of whom are in public service; one in the US Army and one in Law Enforcement. She is a certified event planner and enthusiastic adventure traveler.


Mike "Mack" is a Utah certified CFP and Idaho Enhanced CWL Instructor, and an NRA certified Chief Range Safety Officer, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and Personal Protection in The Home Instructor.   Mack was a joint USAF/CRAF Operation crew member during Iraqi Freedom and Operation Containment, and an Armed Forces, Force Protection defense contract Instructor. Not relying solely on firearms, Mack is also a master martial arts and cane black belt Instructor. Mack was a safety specialist for the SJSO, bred champion Akita’s, and currently volunteers as the Chief Safety Officer at the Fernan Rod and Gun Club.  Mack has worked in seventeen industries. Among them, the largest international and domestic airline, retail chain, and OTR truck firm. Mac is FAA and DOT certified, and a certified ASHI CPR, AED, First Aid, BBP, Wilderness First Aid, and Pet First Aid Instructor.


Before joining Legal Heat as a concealed/carry firearms instructor, Mark served for six years in the United States Marine Corps and worked a few years as a bail enforcement officer in Washington State. He later spent several years as a private bodyguard and, among others, protected Ron Paul between Presidential runs when the Congressman did not qualify for Secret Service protection. Mark has been a firearms instructor for many years and has been teaching Utah CPL concealed/carry firearms classes since 2012. He has been using and recommending the Legal Heat 50 State Guide to Firearms Laws app for years and is glad to be a part of the Legal Heat instructional team.


Michael is an NRA Certified Basic Pistol instructor and a Certified Utah Concealed Firearm instructor. Mike has been an avid outdoorsman his entire life, and has a passion for bow hunting for the Iowa Whitetail. He is on the Urban Deer Task Force, designed to thin the deer population in the Des Moines, Iowa metro area. His strong belief in the right to bear arms guides his passion for teaching firearm training classes. Michael is a probation/parole officer with the state of Iowa, and he supervises federal inmates at a correctional work release facility. This experience has given him substantial knowledge of the judicial system as it relates to firearms and firearm laws. The only thing that Michael enjoys more than the outdoors is spending time with his family.

Mike W

Mike is an NRA Law Enforcement Firearms and Technical Skills instructor and team leader providing instruction, direction, and leadership to elite law enforcement and armed security personnel.  A 1997 graduate of the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy, he has spent 20 years in the law enforcement, public safety and security industry including several years with the Glendale Police Department.  Mike currently teaches law enforcement firearms, advanced tactics and use of force as well as Legal Heat CCW handguns courses.  Mike holds NRA Law Enforcement level certifications in handgun, patrol rifle, precision scoped rifle (law enforcement sniper) and tactical shooting. He is also an NRA Range Safety Officer, Home Firearm Safety and Refuse to be a Victim instructor.  Mike holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and was awarded a Master’s Degree in Education from Northern Arizona University in May 2018.

Paul C

Paul is currently an Investigator in the Division of Corrections and helped design its Defensive Tactics program. He is a Senior Firearms Instructor, as well as an NRA pistol instructor. He has attended a variety of law enforcement and firearms related schools and seminars. He has competed in IDPA competitions since 1997 and has participated in three gun matches both privately and for the DOC. Paul is constantly researching and studying to implement better teaching and training methods to improve the delivery of material to his students, including those in law enforcement training. Paul also has been training and teaching in various martial arts for the last 20 years, earning black belts and instructorships along the way. He has operated a martial arts school since 2006. 

Paul M

Paul is a certified NRA instructor (pistol, home firearms safety, personal protection in the home, and personal protection outside the home); a New Mexico Department of Public Safety Instructor; a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) by ASIS; and a New Mexico state-certified Level III/Armed Security Officer. He is a retired U.S. Army Command Sergeant Major where he began his career as a Military Police Officer and served in many other assignments, including as a Senior Instructor at the Protective Services Training Course in Fort McClellan, Alabama where he taught special weapons defensive tactics, hostage negotiations and counter terrorist driving techniques. Paul currently is an adjunct instructor at a local college in Albuquerque where he teaches criminal justice.


For 30 years, Randy and his wife Brenda have owned a business centering on Randy’s expertise in the use of explosives and firearms. During that time, Randy has received numerous certifications and federal licenses including: NRA and Utah BCI certified instructor, Law Enforcement Less Lethal instructor, Armed guard/VIP protection detail certified instructor, Homeland Security instructor for Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing, Homeland Security instructor for Prevention and Response to Suicide Bombing Incidents. He holds several federal explosives licenses and is a licensed federal firearms dealer. He is a four-time National Shooting Champion, U. S. Calvary Association and has extensive background in training military Special Forces and other elite law enforcement units in firearms tactics and use of explosives. Randy also has extensive experience working with the DEA, ATF, FBI and other law enforcement agencies, along with various branches of the military to develop and implement IED training exercises. As a highly experienced pyrotechnician, he has created fireworks displays for cities and numerous rodeos. He also has created battlefield and special effects for television shows, commercials and movies. Randy and his wife recently relocated to Arizona where they enjoy the warm weather and traveling with their horses finding great places to ride.


Renee is an NRA Certified Basic Pistol instructor and a Certified Utah Concealed Firearm instructor. Unlike most instructors, Renee has not been around firearms her entire life, however, with increased knowledge and skills her attitude about firearms has evolved into a strong passion for the Second Amendment. Renee teaches "Ladies only" classes upon request. When she is not traveling teaching, she enjoys spending time with her husband Michael, their two children, and their German Shorthair Pointer "Gunner". Renee also owns and operates a full-service marketing agency dedicated to helping the small business owner succeed.


Rey is a US Marine veteran having spent a total of 9 years in the Corps. While on active duty, he spent the last 3 ½ years as a marksmanship instructor teaching the Marine Corps Marksmanship Program to recruits. Over the years, he has instructed thousands in the skill of marksmanship. He was taught shooting fundamentals as a boy by his father, also a US Marine. Rey is dedicated to empowering his students with the importance of responsible gun ownership, practical handgun carrying solutions, and the necessity of being aware of their surroundings. Today, he continues to practice safe firearms use, calling upon his background in firearms and military experience.  He also has certifications from the NRA, Texas Department of Public Safety, and the Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigation. He is an instructor for both the Texas License to Carry and the Utah CCW Permit. He takes full advantage of all the outdoor activities Texas has to offer and spends most of his free time with his family, hunting, fishing and cooking up what family and friends consider some of the best BBQ in Texas!


Scott trained with the U.S. Army at Mt. Huckleberry Mountain Training Camp and is currently an NRA certified Firearms instructor, a PADI certified Rescue Diver and a Red Cross certified first responder. He has been an outdoor enthusiast his entire life and has explored the Northwest from the high desert of Oregon to the rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula. He has climbed in the Cascades and SCUBA dived in waters around the world and knows what it take to be a survivalist in the most treacherous parts of the Pacific Northwest. Scott is also a proud father and grandfather and enjoys sharing his passion for the outdoors with his family, 


Shelli, who is a US Army veteran, says while she was not actively involved with guns from an early age, she grew up around them her whole life. Now, she is an instructor for both the Utah Conceal Carry certification and the South Dakota Enhanced Conceal Carry certification. She also is an NRA Basic Pistol Instructor, an NRA Range Safety officer. She reports she takes great pride in teaching women how to select the right handgun for themselves and then helping them to build their confidence and skill in the proper use of their firearm. Shell says her passion is teaching responsible gun owners what they need to know to conceal carry in the great state of South Dakota. She was one of the first instructors qualified to teach the enhanced certification in her state of South Dakota.

Terry P

Terry grew up in Idaho, where he enjoyed the outdoor sports of hunting and fishing and helped in the family pawn business where he was in daily contact with firearms. At the age of 16, Terry was seriously injured when his older brother shot him in a negligent discharge of a firearm. This near death incident fueled Terry's lifelong passion for firearms education and safety training.Terry has extensive career experience with original equipment manufacturers in the firearms industry and has been an NRA Certified Pistol instructor for over 10 years. He is a four-time Distinguished Graduate, as well as a former instructor, for two premier US firearms training facilities.  

Terry W

Terry grew up in Calgary, Alberta and was introduced to firearms at an early age by his Texas born dad. He is a life member of the NRA, along with being an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor; NRA Certified Personal Protection Inside the Home instructor; NRA Certified Personal Protection Outside the Home instructor; NRA Certified Refuse to be a Victim instructor; NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer, and a Certified Utah Concealed Firearm Permit instructor. Terry has spent most of his career involved in transportation law representing rail shippers. He has practiced transportation law in the oil industry; in government service in Montana and now in private practice in Billings. He currently chairs a national organization as a transportation consultant. His first exposure to Legal Heat was in 2013 when Phil Nelsen taught a class in Billings. Terry feels very fortunate to be part of the Legal Heat Team.

Tom G

While serving in the US Air Force, Tom earned two marksmanship ribbons with the M16A1 rifle and became quite a terror to deer with his Marlin 30-30 lever-action deer rifle. His handgun skills came later when he moved to Texas and decided to get his Concealed Carry License, as it was referred to then. Two years later, and after several handgun training classes, he decided to become a certified NRA Pistol Instructor, followed by attaining a Texas CCL instructor certificate, which later became  the Texas LTC (License To Carry) Instructor certificate. Tom is a lifetime Endowment member of the NRA and, like pretty much every American firearm instructor, Tom has a strong passion for the Second Amendment and defends his position at every opportunity. His other passion is seeing students grow in the safe and proper use of firearms in defense of them self, their family and anyone else. Tom is also a member of the Fort Worth police Department’s Clergy And Police Alliance (CAPA) and a member of the Texas Concealed Handgun Association (TCHA). Living in Fort Worth Texas with his wife of 48 years, Tom and Mary enjoy spending time with their three grandchildren and are pretty involved with their church. Tom also has a single-engine private pilots license. 

Tom H

Tom is a Marine corps veteran and an NRA Instructor for Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Home Firearm Safety, Reloading and Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home. He is also a Training Counselor in these disciplines and teaches NRA instructor candidates. He is a Utah CFP instructor and an Illinois CCL instructor. He is a Massad Ayoob Group Staff Instructor. Tom is an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer and has been credentialed as a USPSA CRO and an IDPA SO. He has been licensed in Wisconsin as a Firearms Certifier allowing him to teach Deadly Force. Tom is also a Glock Armorer. He is an avid shooter that has been competing in firearms sports for all his adult life. He started in Bullseye Pistol, moved into High Power Rifle, IDPA and found his main hobbies in USPSA and Multi Gun.

Tom N

Tom has taught firearms use for more than 20 years, including as an NRA basic pistol instructor and personal protection in the home instructor. Before joining Legal Heat, he was a LTC/CCW instructor for MA, UT, FL, AZ, and CT. Tom is a former deputy sheriff in western MA and is currently a superintendent of schools in the Berkshire County region of Massachusetts.  Tom also is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys deer hunting, fishing and time with family.

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